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Mekong Colorful cultural activities onboard

Welcome to the river of pride and happiness - the Mekong River. As you and your beloved are going on a cruise to travel this land, we would like to share some of our colorful cultural activities onboard that might help you to get a good preparation and ready all the way to have unforgettable fun.

Rowing small boat

During the journey in the Mekong River, you can experience the feeling of rowing a boat yourself to explore small canals, channels. That must be the greatest experience of all time and hard to forget about floating life.

Cooking class on board

To the aim of helping tourists understand more about Vietnamese, Laos and Cambodian cuisines and also its secret tips to make cuisines unique and specific, there are cooking classes onboard with professional chefs as coaches that will offer you a chance to be an amazing cook. You will go to local floating markets to choose and buy ingredients to cook. That is also an opportunity for tourists to discover the significant culture of the Mekong’s areas. 

Traditional Art

Apart from that, tourists are about to enjoy Cambodian traditional dance called Apsara or Vietnamese folk music called “Don Ca Tai Tu”, both of which were recognized as  Intangible cultural heritages by UNESCO like other art forms.  

Movie show

Besides, movies that you may watch at cinema onboard will help you enhance your knowledge about local people, their life and culture along the great Mekong River. That information is an important part during your journey of exploring and discovering the land.

If these above are not enough for you to please your hunger of learning our culture, we also offer talk-shows to talk more clearly about culture and history of your in-coming destinations. With the main topic including:

- The foundation and the fallen of Khmer Rouge

- Angkor Complex

- Vietnam and Cambodia history

- History and culture of ethnic groups

- Key words in local languages.

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